The purpose of a group leader is to create a safe and predictable environment that allows group members to experience authentic community and spiritual growth. We believe the quality of a group leader is the foundation to creating a positive and fruitful group experience.

Effective group leaders are…

  • In a growing relationship with God through His son Jesus Christ.

  • Humble and teachable in their approach to leading. 

  • Continuously practicing genuine curiosity in the lives of their group members.

  • Intentional in building relationships within their group by being consistent with their presence weekly and with communications outside the group meeting.

We believe the best groups leaders are not teachers, but facilitators who have developed the skill of asking questions and leading a group into dynamic discussion.

Both leading a group and your individual spiritual growth requires connection. Our commitment is to partner with you in this season through intentional communications, one-on-one meetings, next step leader trainings and celebrations. We look forward to seeing how God uses you to impact the lives of others.

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