In Global Involvement, we believe in loving our neighbors, not just those close to us, but also those overseas. There are many places where no one else will go and we want to love the voiceless and marginalized. We want to make a positive impact on our neighborhoods and we want to love those that don’t have a place to call home. You can be that and you can make a difference in our world.

Opportunities for You to Make a Global Impact

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Go On A Global Connection Trip Or Give To Help Send A Team Member: We come alongside our global partners to serve marginalized communities and those that have never heard about the love of Jesus. We do this by sending teams all around the world on Global Connection Trips. Check out the following opportunities to decide what team you'd like to consider joining. Or, to donate to a team member, select the trip you know that team member is a part of and follow the donation instructions.


Upcoming Trips

Other Trip Opportunities

Support Disaster Relief: It's important to us that when disasters strike, both here and elsewhere globally, we have the means to financially give toward relief efforts. These efforts are providing critical aid and supplies for those most affected. To help us serve others in times of disaster, please consider giving to our Disaster Relief Fund. After designating the gift amount, please make sure to switch the gift designation from General Fund to Disaster Relief.

Sponsor A Child: Here at FCC, many of us sponsor a child in India. Sponsorship allows a child to receive a quality education, school supplies, clean water, access to a church, a meal program, and so much more! Because of FCC sponsors, many children in India will receive hope, dignity, and value. These children will grow up to pave the way to be difference makers and a light for those that feel they have no hope. Thank you for considering sponsorship.

Pray For People Around Our World: Prayer is a powerful way to encourage those that our FCC community supports globally. Please consider downloading the following resource to learn how you can begin to pray for communities around our world that still have yet to follow Jesus.

Join Voice Of Refugees Volunteer Team: Are you passionate about meeting the needs of people from around the world? Do you enjoy making others feel welcome, loved, and valued? Are you someone that can assist with resumes, job coaching, or tutoring? Do you have ESL training or experience with childcare? There are so many ways that we can come alongside Middle Eastern refugees here in Orange County. Voice Of Refugees is a nonprofit that works to meet the practical and spiritual needs of refugees. We’d love for you to join our team of FCC volunteers committed to making a difference in the lives of refugees. You don’t need any experience. Even if you don’t know how you can help but want to simply learn more about the need for the church to extend love and care toward refugees, we want to invite you to consider going through this Voice Of Refugee Training Course. Email for information about joining this team.

Global Partners

South America: IberoAmerican Ministries plants churches, equips through education programs, provides clean water and food, builds shelter for those without, organizes children’s programs, and so much more.

Middle East: Field Workers with IberoAmerican Ministries operate centers that provide a variety of education classes, livelihood classes, dental clinic, children’s programs, and connects with a refugee community to bring dignity and value through relationship, financial support, and meeting physical needs.

Central India: MidIndia Christian Mission works holistically to make an impact through education, sponsorship, church planting, clean water, multimedia outreach, medical clinics, and so much more.

Southern India: FCC Field Workers operate an International school and an IT business to partner alongside and build relationships with an entire people group that is unaware of God’s love.

Philippines: FCC Field Worker, Nilda Cruz, oversees a center that equips and cares for women and children through education classes, livelihood classes, children’s activities, meal programs, and supporting various church plants among marginalized people groups.

Southeast Asia: Field Workers with Shemah Tours show God’s love to their community and share the message of hope.

Deaf Ministries International: This is a worldwide organization making an impact in deaf communities through education, church plants, prison ministry, sponsorship, children’s programs, and so much more. 

Support Our Fieldworkers

Would you like to help support our fieldworkers? Click below to give to one of the many we support.