SOUTHEAST ASIA - July 26 – August 4

WHEN: July 26 – August 4

SURFING TRIP: This Global Connection Trip with FCC is through our global partner, Shemah Tours. On this trip you will be able to use your love of surfing, exploring, and enjoying nature to make an impact on a community that is unaware of the hope and love Jesus brings. In an area of our world that is often opposed and sensitive to Christianity, we use tourism and surfing as a means to build relationships and open doors to faith conversations with an unreached people group. While this trip is primarily an outdoor adventure trip, you do not have to be an amazing surfer to go. This trip is for anyone that follows and loves Jesus, wants to communicate to others through our actions and presence the love Jesus has for all, and wants to spend time in one of the most beautiful and remote corners of our world. 


·    Attend FCC regularly on weekends

·    Are baptized by immersion

·    Are regularly involved in the FCC community

·    Are 18+. If younger, must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian

·    Regularly enjoy outdoor or water activities (not mandatory)

·    Follows Jesus and actively strives to take steps closer to Jesus each day

·    Are open to engaging with Muslims and people from other cultures and religions

COST: $2,400. This covers the cost of airfare and all trip expenses. Fundraising training will assist you in reaching this goal.

Application due April 10th.


Jordan Tenace