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Our Global Partners

South America: IberoAmerican Ministries plants churches, equips through education programs, provides clean water and food, builds shelter for those without, organizes children’s programs, and so much more.

Middle East: Field Workers with IberoAmerican Ministries operate centers that provide a variety of education classes, livelihood classes, dental clinic, children’s programs, and connects with a refugee community to bring dignity and value through relationship, financial support, and meeting physical needs.

Central India: MidIndia Christian Mission works holistically to make an impact through education, sponsorship, church planting, clean water, multimedia outreach, medical clinics, and so much more.

Southern India: FCC Field Workers operate an International school and an IT business to partner alongside and build relationships with an entire people group that is unaware of God’s love.

Philippines: FCC Field Worker, Nilda Cruz, oversees a center that equips and cares for women and children through education classes, livelihood classes, children’s activities, meal programs, and supporting various church plants among marginalized people groups.

Southeast Asia: Field Workers with Shemah Tours show God’s love to their community and share the message of hope.

Deaf Ministries International: This is a worldwide organization making an impact in deaf communities through education, church plants, prison ministry, sponsorship, children’s programs, and so much more.