What is “Special Needs” for student life at FCCHB?

Special Needs at FCC is defined as: A need any student has that requires some planning in order to ensure that their church experience is safe. Special Needs may include severe allergies, medical issues, or cognitive (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering) differences.

At FCC we primarily minister through a Buddy System during our Saturday and Sunday morning services. We try to provide one buddy for each student with special needs. Buddies help the student focus on the lesson, participate as much as possible, or take a break when needed. These students get to participate in all Student Life Ministry activities along with their peers, but they have someone to help them when needed. Parents can feel secure that their student is cared for, AND the teacher is free to focus her or his attention on the entire class.

All our buddies are a member of our church. They must also have a love for these students and be comfortable relating to the student on the student's level.  If they meet those requirements, then a background check and training occurs.

Have questions about this ministry? Contact us!

Bonnie Worthen, Children’s Director | 714-536-2589 | bonnie.worthen@fcchb.com